Babji zob (1.128 m)

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The summit of Babji Zob (Hag's tooth) was named after the distinctive rock, provocatively jutting out of its precipitous cliff. It is one of the most picturesque peaks of the Jelovica plateau and it can be seen both from the mountains surrounding Bohinj, as well as from the slopes of the Karavanke Range and the Bled-Radovljica valley.


The ascent is not particularly demanding and is appropriate for a half-day trip. Mountaineering footwear and a backpack with some refreshments and snacks is necessary, as there are no alpine posts on the way. The starting point is in the village of Kupljenik, which can be reached on foot or by car via the paved road from Bohinjska Bela, or on foot from Bled via the village Selo. When you reach Kupljenik, the starting point is at the church of St. Stephen. Follow the path across the meadow and uphill and you will soon reach a small pass where the path splits. The right path leads to the cave, while the left path eventually leads to the summit. Carefully follow the signs, as the path splits several times. After arriving to the alpine meadow of Kovačevec in a few minutes, take a sharp right turn at the hay shed, ascend to the top of the meadow and follow the path through the forest. After reaching the path, take a right turn and walk across the alpine meadow Prehodi, then take another right turn on the path. Soon a pass over to a less visible path is made and the signs have to be followed. The summit is relatively narrow and unsecured. A couple of metres away, there is a resting and refreshment area. The summit itself has a stamp and a visitor's register.

It's worth the effort due to the wonderful view. On the far left, you can see Ratitovec, Soriška Planina and the Bohinj mountain range reaching from Črna Prst to Kobla and Rodica, Vogel, Podrta Gora and Komna. 800 metres below, the Sava Bohinjka river flows through Soteska, turns right at Bohinjska Bela and flows into the longest Slovenian river, the Sava river, right below Radovljica. On the opposite side there are the mighty forests of the Pokljuka plateau and the highest Slovenian mountain, Mt. Triglav, that reigns above those forests. Deep beneath you can see Bled with its lake and the island as well as the surrounding villages. The Karavanke Range boasts above this valley and with Mt. Storžič passes into the Highlands of Kamnik.

For return use the same path and you will reach Kupljenik within one hour. The entire trip takes three hours from the starting point on Kupljenik, however, by adding the guided tour of the cave to the agenda, the trip will take three more hours. 


Old people say that an old hag was living on the plateau of Jelovica. Some of them even maintain that she was more than one hundred and fifty years old and that she was a witch who was hiding there to escape burning at the stake. The hag was picking herbs and was busy with witchcraft, preparing brews and sending her witchcraft spells down to the valley.
Everyone in the valley was afraid of the hag. When she was sending spells, no farmer dared to go to the fields or to the forest. It is said that there is still a devil's slope where farmers are doomed due to her spells.
But when the hag was yet too old, she was not that good in picking herbs anymore as her time was coming. Nobody knew her age. But she was a lot more than one hundred years old.
One day she didn't pick enough herbs so she was angrily sending spells over the edge of the plateau when she slipped and fell deep down the cliff. You could still hear her spells then that echoed into the valley: Jelovica, you shall not be as steep as in past days, I'll create a snag on this place.
And from then on a big hag's tooth can be seen on the edge of the Jelovica plateau facing Bohinjska Bela that has been called Babji Zob for hundreds of years now.