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Bohinjska Bela

Bohinjska Bela lies in the southwest of the Bled corner, in a small valley that was slowly carved by the river Sava Bohinjka. In the south, it is surrounded by the rocky part of the Jelovica plateau with an impressive rock called Babji Zob ("Hag's Tooth"). This cliff was named after the isolated rock that protrudes high above the rapids of the river Sava Bohinjka. In the north, the valley is surrounded by the steep cliffs of southern edges of the Pokljuka plateau. On both banks of the river there are terraces suitable for cultivation and settlements.

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The pleasant small village over Sava river and under mountain of Babji zob, offers beautiful view on northem edge of forest plateau Jelovica towards lake Bled. Village is also known for one of the oldest tradition, blessing of horses, that happens next to the St. Stephens's Parish church. ,