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It's hard to speak of Bohinjska Bela without paying regard to the cultural-educational activity, which gave and is still giving the village one of those special characteristics. The beginnings of the cultural-educational activity in Bohinjska Bela can be traced back to 1906. 

The cultural activity before and after the First World War united the drama group, singing choir, and tambours choir. For a while, there was also a brass band present. Because there were no appropriate quarters, the cultural activity took place in the open air, on barns and in the old school. After the Second World War, the activity of the association burst into blossom. For a short period of time, even a folklore group was active, and the drama group was in operation ever since; the group of recitation also prepared a programme for all the significant holidays and anniversaries. 

The cultural association of Bohinjska Bela continues the tradition of cultural activity in our village; and it is this tradition that gives its members a special challenge and motivation for successful work. Within the framework of the cultural association, the active groups are the theatre group, the youth theatre group and the group of recitation. 

The theatre group stages a new show every year. In this jubilee year, the stage will feature not one, but two premieres of the local theatre group, both directed by two exquisite directors of the cultural association. The amateur group "Gledališče Belansko" goes on tour to other places, takes part in local meetings, etc. The multiple invitations to and participations in the festival of Upper Carniola comedians are regarded as a special success. The fact that two of our actors received the award for the best Upper Carniola comedian only proves the fact that there are some really talented actors in the group. 

The group of recitation organises performances in the village itself, as well as takes part in numerous events elsewhere. Among the members of the recitation group there are also some indispensable hosts of local and municipal shows.

Of course, none of this would be possible if it wasn't for the good cooperation between the cultural association and the branch school and kindergarten in Bohinjska Bela, which accustom and stimulate children to stage performances. The good collaboration of the cultural association with local community and all the other associations within the local community and foreign communities helps preserve the tradition of cultural and social life in Bohinjska Bela.anja tradicija kulturnega in družabnega življenja 

The cultural association also maintains the cultural centre, which is, as the name suggests, the centre of activities in Bohinjska Bela.




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