The ladies' and lasses' association

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Handicraft is also a type of social gathering, which is almost forgotten nowadays, and a good way to relax. We hope that our work will contribute to the education of future members and that we will be able to present the beauty of hand-crafted products to more people.

The ladies' and lasses' association in Bohinjska Bela has been active for quite a number of years now. 

In the beginning, the sewing, weaving, cooking, bakery, and bread-making courses were organized as well as handicraft course. Being the most attended course, the handicraft course has already been held for fifteen years. At first, it was Mrs. Vida Pauluša who shared her knowledge and experience with us. All members listened to her with pleasure and followed her instructions. Unfortunately, due to her illness, her visits today aren't as frequent as they used to be but she still loves to help us if we need her.

In all these years, we've learned various ways of embroidering on various materials, crocheting and preparing flower arrangements. Mrs. Pauluša is a graduate engineer of agronomy and was able to provide us with a lot of advice on flowers, garden and fruit.

We have variegated our visits with baking biscuits, cookies, and bread, thus tasting many good things and also exchanging many good recipes.

Since 1994, we have regularly organised an exhibition of handicrafts, twice even at a larger scale in the Festival hall of Bled. We always won praise and were successful in making laymen enthusiastic about handicraft.

Nowadays, there are minor clubs of embroidery already in Zasip, Bled, in the retirement home and in Gorje. Simona Repinc Urevc and I intensively cooperate with these clubs. We help the members choose basic materials, appropriate patterns, and give advice on colours.

The ladies' and lasses' association

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