Monument to the victims of the First World War

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The monument was erected in 1926. It was designed by the architect Ivan Vurnik from
Radovljica and carved by the stonemason Alojzij Vurnik. The monument was blessed on 15
August 15 by the priest Martin Drolc.

A cement plinth on which stands a three-sided stone pyramid that represented the angular
Yugoslav star. The pyramid was a symbol of the union of Slovenes, Croats and Serbs into a
uniform state of Yugoslavia. A total of 28 small niches are carved into the pyramid and
inscribed with the names of the fallen or missing. The recesses were intended for lights or
flowers. At the top of the pyramid is a three-sided copper cross, which is said to represent
the Calvary hill. The pyramid is made of karst marble from a quarry near Doberdob in
Goriška. (source: The Bohinjska Bela Chronicle)