Rock of Iglica

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Zgornja Vas lies underneath the overhanging rock of Iglica, mostly renowned by the climbing area "Stara Bela". This area belongs to the top quality climbing areas in Slovenia, and rightly so.




Besides Iglica, Bohinjska Bela has two other climbing areas, "Nova Bela" and a climbing area above Kupljenik. Because the cliffs face all directions, the climbing season lasts throughout the year.

"Nova Bela" is suitable for climbing in late spring, in summer and in autumn. In this time of year, the cliff is in shade from noon onwards. "Stara Bela" is suitable for climbing in spring and in autumn, and also in dry and sunny winters. The cliff dries quickly even after long rainy periods. The climbing area above Kupljenik is most suitable for climbing in summer.

The climbing areas feature courses, suitable for all levels of experience. "Nova Bela" features mostly overhanging cliffs, however, some parts are steep rocky plates with very small clinging cracks. The same goes for the cliff above Kupljenik. More than half of the courses at the climbing areas of Bohinjska Bela are longer than 20 metres and endurance climbing prevails. 

Video of one event in Iglica: